The village of Flam ( Norway) in the fjord of Sognefjord

From the village of Flam, take the Flamsbiana train up to 1000m.

by Roberto Poeti

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The village of Flam in the Sognerfjord fjord.

One of the most beautiful excursions that can be done in the fjords of Norway is the one that has the pretty little village of Flam as its epicenter. It sits at the top of the Aurlandsfjorden branch of the great Sognerfjord. The country can be reached by boat from the beautiful city of Bergen. The town is a quiet and hospitable place from where you can go on excursions that let us discover interesting aspects of the place.

About 20 km from Flam, rising to an altitude of 630 m, is Steganstein one of the fantastic viewpoints over the fjord. A few kilometers from Flam, after a walk in complete solitude along the banks of the fjord, you arrive at Ottornes. This small rural village, with its 27 scattered buildings, which rises high above the fjord, represents the nucleus among the oldest still preserved settlements. You are catapulted back into the past, imagining the simple and hard life of the inhabitants of the Norwegian fjords before the industrial revolution.

As soon as you leave the village, you walk through its valley crossed by the Flam river to reach, after a short walk, a wooden church with naïve frescoes inside. One of the remaining churches from the seventeenth century.

Finally, the famous Flamsbana train leaves the village, arriving after twenty kilometers at a thousand meters. With a 20% gradient it is the steepest railway in the world that is not pulled by rope or rack. Along the way dozens of waterfalls including the grandiose Kjosfossen waterfall where the train makes a brief stop.

Pictures of the excursions
Video of nymph singing and dancing at Kjosfossen waterfall

Where is the country of Fram in Norway

In the following Powerpoint presentation all these excursions are told through images:

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

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