The Skyscrapers of New York

by Roberto Poeti

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Many trips

For the first time this year I visited the United States. I began traveling at age 17, first alone, then, after the age thirty, in company with my wife. We went away for long periods with our backpacks and without programming . So we have known the countries that today would not be possible to visit as we did then. We had never thought to go to the United States. We were looking for countries off the beaten track by tourism . Those countries were also a challenge for us but we faced with enthusiasm. In return we received friendship, hospitality and knowledge of rhythms and habits of life totally different from ours.  For the first time this year I visited the United States.

Finally the United States

This year we have carefully prepared the trip in the East in the United States.  It’s been a long journey, lived without problems and with rediscovered enthusiasm. Didn’t realize that this trip would have reserved many beautiful surprises both culturally than human.

The itinerary

The orange line track our itinerary. Starting from Portland , we touched the city of Boston, Providence, Newport, the tip of Provincetown, New Haven. We went up the Hudson River and the city of New York.

New York is a garden of crystals

But now I want to focus on a destination of our trip that was the city of New York . Eventually this city has won us over. With this article I will talk about what reminded me of those tall buildings, called skyscrapers, which are one of the many faces of New York . I have a scientific background as a chemist and I also taught for almost forty years. You acquire a mindset that we’re always behind and that affects our view of things When I found myself watching the skyscrapers, all different, which soared above us in the sky, I tried deep the feeling of being in the midst of a garden with many crystals . Many of you will know but the structure of crystals, that makes up the diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz etc is a highly orderly organization of many atoms. Of course not only constitute the precious stones but also a multitude of minerals from which we derive many essential materials to our lives.

Skyscrapers like crystals

If we imagine to observe the Interior of crystals with a magnification that allows us to see the atoms we sight a very neat thing that we can compare the same orderly arrangement of bricks, beams, windows of a building. And when these crystals are grown in the laboratory, but also in nature, they organise in regular geometric buildings. So the skyscrapers seemed of crystals that have grown up in an orderly fashion. So when I raised my eyes and watch their smooth walls seemed to observe a big Crystal. And all together, sides of straight streets in Manhattan, appeared in a row as you see sometimes the crystals in nature.

The presentation

In the presentation , which follows, I have posted some photos of Manhattan neighborhoods where there are skyscrapers and beside images of the crystals that they evoked.

The presentation  in PDF

The skyscrapers of New york like crystals









This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

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