A journey to discover the Fjords of Norway

Images of the Westfjords presented in slides and in Powerpoint

by Roberto Poeti
The exploration of the western fjords of Norway.

The following presentation contains the images of a multi-stage journey between the western and south-western fjords of Norway by bus but above all by boat.

Pictures come from:
  • From the Sognefjord fjord. It is the longest fjord in Norway, extending for 204 km, it is characterized by unspoiled nature, mountains and waterfalls.
  • From a branch of the Sognefjord, the Nærøyfjord. Its length is about 17 km. The Nærøyfjord is widely regarded as the most spectacular arm of the Sognefjord and is also the narrowest fjord in the world: it measures just 250m at one point and is surrounded by 1800m-high mountains towering over the tranquil waters of the fjord.
  • From Hardangerfjord . At 179 km long, it is the fifth longest fjord in the world and the second longest in Norway. The Hardangerfjord connects with the Atlantic Ocean south of the city of Bergen in southwest Norway. From here the fjord penetrates in a north-easterly direction, until it meets the mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda National Park
  • From the Osterfjorden. The fjord is one of the three fjords surrounding the island of Osterøy, the island opposite which stands the beautiful city of Bergen.
Pictures of the excursions

The film features the impressive Voringsfossen waterfall at the end of the Handargerfjord


The map represents the location of the fjords that have been explored.

Images of the excursions in the fjords presented in Powerpoint

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