Mount Qiyun in China

An excursion to one of the four sacred mountains of Taoism in China

by Roberto Poeti
Qiyun is the fourth Sacred Mountain to the Taoist cult

Mount Qiyun literally means ‘Cloud-high mountain’, it is a mountain and national park located in Xiuning County in Anhui Province, China. It is located at the foot of the Huangshan mountain range about 33 kilometers west of the city of Huangshan and is known as one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism. Known for its many inscriptions and tablets, as well as monasteries and temples, the highest point on the mountain rises to 585 meters (1,919 feet). It is a destination that I visited during my trip to China in 2014. Few tourists and mostly belonging to the Taoist cult. Several temples and monasteries (out of 33) that promote the spread of Taoist principles are found here.

The mountain is also home to a large number of caves, some of which are home to sacred statues. Waterfalls, crystal clear water pools, uniquely shaped rocks and mountain vegetation are features that help complement the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the area. Several inscriptions and tablets of historical and cultural value are also found on the mountain. The mountain is crossed by paths along which suggestive landscape scenarios open up. Visiting Qiyun Mountain is one of the most exciting experiences in China.

Anhui is the region where Mount Qiyun is located

The images of the first part of the excursion
The images of the second part of the excursion



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